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Copperhouse price




Other AAP




Bronze/Silver expedition training



Per classroom Session 

(not per person)




Max 35 per class (5 groups)

Minimum of 5 sessions required


I would say that the maximum is to high perhaps if we said maximum of 4 groups this would give a maximum of 28 and encourage larger groups for the expeditions especially if we are choosing not to make our margin on this 3 X 15 X 1.5 = 67.5


Bronze/Silver training day


£15.00 pp




Minimum of 20 participants

Includes food


Bronze/Silver day walk








Bronze practice Expedition




£150.00 inc. 1 day training and equipment




Bronze assessed Expedition
















Silver practice expedition




£185.00 inc. 1 day training and equipment




Silver assessed expedition
















Gold training session








Gold training weekend






2 days two nights camping


1 nights camping and maybe £55?


Gold practice expedition




£265.00 inc. 2 days training and equipment


Inc. transport


Perhaps £20 more to cover transport?


Gold assessed expedition






Inc. transport


As above 










Gold residential program






20-30 places

Restoration work, NNA, fort visits, team building


Might be a bit cheap would need to work out a proper costing 










School activity days






30-90 children


3 CH staff, 3 x 1.5hr activities


Would need to be a minimum of £540 assuming no additional expenses i.e. Food certificates etc










DofE Volunteering opportunities at Fort Luton






Fort Luton consists of four acres of land which is mostly unrestored. Maintaining and restoring this site is a continuous job that requires a dedicated team of Volunteers











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