DofE Gold Training

Expedition TrainingDue the nature of the Gold expedition, training is set at a much higher level than the silver and bronze awards. Gold participants will experience harder terrain, longer days, over a longer period. So they need to be prepared. 

Copperhouse Adventure Training run the full training program for gold, giving them the experience and skills required for a successful expedition. the course includes aspects such as:

  • First aid
  • Camp craft
  • Cooking and nutrition
  • Wild camping
  • Weather awareness
  • Navigation and compass work (class room)
  • Navigation and compass work (Weekend)

Once training is complete the participants have opportunity to display the newly learned skills on a practice expedition and then the assessed.

For the DofE Gold navigation training we use the National Navigation Award Scheme silver syllabus which is a nationally recognised qualification. Participants can then be assessed separately for the NNAS to gain the this award if they so wish.