National Navigation Award Courses 2019

The Bronze National Navigation Award

16-17 march 2019


This is a practical hands-on award.

It’s for those who are new to outdoor adventures or who have only previously used guidebooks and easy, well-defined routes.

The award is the starting point for many Duke of Edinburgh's Award students, scouts and guides and cadets who are looking to develop their outdoor skills.

Its syllabus teaches navigation in the countryside using paths, tracks and other linear features. Basic map interpretation and compass work is also included.

Learning navigational techniques will give you the confidence and skills needed to explore and enjoy new areas. The National Navigation Award Scheme is designed to provide you with the knowledge and understanding of maps and how to interpret them in the countryside. From the initial planning of a walk to knowing what to do if the weather turns. During our two day Bronze Award course you will learn:

·         To plan your own walks

·         how to use a compass

·         how to use a map

·         where you are on the map

·         to adapt your plan if conditions change

The two day course is practically based with navigation training within a small group, with the opportunity to try out, practice and discuss the skills learnt. On the second day there will be a short assessment of the candidate’s understanding.

This is an entry-level course into navigation for personal development & will give you a NNAS (National Navigation Award Scheme) Bronze Award, assuming you are able to demonstrate a good understanding and application of the skills being learnt on the course.

No previous qualifications are needed in order to participate on this 2 day course.


The course is based at Meopham Kent making use of the beautiful hills and open countryside in the area.

Accommodation and meals are not included but if you wish to camp onsite then you will be free to do so. There will be an opportunity to have a pub meal, where we can relax and discuss the days activities.

The cost for the weekends training is £95.00



If you have any questions then please contact us. To book a place on the course please complete our booking form below or visit our NNAS page where payment can be made online Copperhouse NNAS Course booking


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